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Traditions and Innovations

In the modern world, art forging products are made by hand by blacksmiths-entrepreneurs under individual orders in single copies. In this regard, this type of product is absent in retail trade networks both in the Russian and international markets.

The main specialization of MetaLuxe73 LLC is the industrial production of exclusive, high-quality products with artistic forging. We have been carrying out individual orders for over 20 years and since 2019 we have separated a specialized profile of conveyor production into a separate structural unit. Our company employs professionals of the highest level with colossal experience, and specialists in the degree of skill qualifications are among the ten best blacksmiths in Russia.

Our specialists at their own production site in Ulyanovsk managed to develop and manufacture unique dies for press production of the main elements of artistic forging. This gives us the possibility of industrial production of products with an exclusive texture of artistic forging elements, which is not inferior and even surpasses the best works of the traditional method of production. The forged products made by us look very expensive, solid and at the same time elegant, giving incredible beauty to the interior of an apartment, house, office.

Our recommended minimum retail prices are more than half the price of similar exclusive products that are available on the international markets by blacksmiths entrepreneurs.

Our advantages

Serial production
Guaranteed quality
Special design

Certificate of conformity


From joint cooperation we count on permanent and increasing demand of our production by the high product quality,

regular update of our collections, affordable prices and exclusive items.

We are motivated to long-term mutually beneficial work with our partners.

We will do our best to make our working process easy and convenient.

Our principles are simple and transparent – dynamic co-development, honesty, decency and mutual benefit.

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